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Walsafari von Andenes (Sommer - Grosses Boot)

Whalesafari Andenes offers almost 30 years experience, experienced guides/crews, the shortest distance to the whales, a 100% whale guarantee, exclusive gift shop, restaurant, camping and travel packages (with other activities, accommodation, transport, board).

Whalesafari Andenes has almost 30 year experience in whale watching, offers experienced guides and crew and the shortest distance to the whale ground.
We operate with a unique 100% whale guarantee: if the boat does not find any cetacean, you can participate in a new whale safari (you need to re-book yourself at our reception), or we will refund you the whale safari ticket (minus admin expenses that are around 10%). The whale guarantee applies only to the whale safari ticket in case you bought a travel package.
At our centre you will also find an exclusive gift shop and a restaurant with a sea view.

The boat tours are normally between 2 and 4 hours, but they can be shorter or longer depending where the whales are that day.
VERY IMPORTANT: you have to meet up to check in 1 hour and 45 minutes before your boat departure. 1 hour and 15 minutes before that you will be guided in our museum (the guided tour in the museum is around 45 minutes).

We can offer travel packages as well with the following items:
Activities summer: whale safari with big boat, bird safari, mountain excursions and more.
Activities winter: whale safari with big and small boat, northern light observation (from land, boat, mountaing, wood and bus), dog sledging and more.
Activities the while year: whale safari, fishing trips, Sami culture and reindeer, sightseeing, Spaceship Aurora and more.

Accommodation: hotels, cabins, guest houses, hostel, lodge and camping.

Transportation: bus with 8, 16 og 48 setet


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Walsafari von Andenes (Sommer - Grosses Boot)

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