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Rødøy, a coastal municipality

Rødøy is the coastal municipality right on the Arctic Circle. On the ferry ride from Kilboghamn you see the island Vikingen and the globe marking that you are crossing into the realm of the midnight sun. The municipality has 1300 inhabitants spread over the mainland and several islands. Rødøy offers visitors white sandy beaches, majestic mountains and a spectacular archipelago, as well as a range of rewarding activities.

Rødøy church
This octagonal church, built in 1884, seats 700 people and is one of the largest in Nordland County. It also has an interesting history; for example in 2011 the local congregation extinguished a fire that threatened to destroy the church. It’s open daily during the summer.

Behind Rødøy church is the elegant Sun Park, where you can relax and read information boards on local history. One of them tells the story of Hjalmar “Hjallis” Andersen, the legendary Norwegian skater who was born in Radøy.

A hike to the summit of Rødøyløva (443 m) is a real must. In 2018, a team of Sherpas built stone steps that make the hike to the top much easier. On a clear day the panorama spans almost the entire coast of Helgeland. To the north rise the jagged peaks of the Lofoten Islands, and below you stretch the beautiful sandy beaches of Rødøya. On Storsand, the largest beach, are free sun-loungers, a barbecue hut, showers and toilets.

The Nordfjord
The Nordfjord, is an incredibly beautiful fjord arm of the Melfjord, extends inland into the Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park, a wild and pristine landscape for both hikers and boaters. You may well see the local seal pod cavorting in the water.

The teddy bear and the Adventure Forest
If you are on a family holiday, be sure to bring your children to Rødøy. You really must visit Norway’s only teddy bear museum! 1500 teddy bears live in this house in the nicest atmosphere you can imagine. On the second floor are many exciting rooms, each furnished according to a different theme, where the teddy bears live happy lives. And they love visitors! On the ground floor there is a small café.

Then follow the “troll footprints” into the Fairytale Forest. Along the well-marked trails are informative signs that tell you about the elves and trolls that you may encounter, the Hansel and Gretel House, the Forest Gallery, and the large magical door into the trolls’ mountain hall. But beware, the troll just might be home!

The old trading posts
At the Falch Trading Post you can visit the old country store on the wharf, and the café that offers outdoor seating. Here you will also find a historical exhibition on the local fishery, and old wooden boats. At Selsøyvik there is a trading post dating from the 1770s, and which is still in operation. It is well worth a visit.

How to get to Rødøy?
From Mo i Rana: Drive towards the airport and onto Fv17, continuing to Kilboghamn. From there, take the ferry over to Jektvik, and then a second ferry to Rødøy.

From Mosjøen: Drive Fv78 to Levang, taking the ferry over to Nesna. Continue along Fv17 to Kilboghamn, take the ferry to Jektvik, and a second ferry to Rødøy.

Express boats go from Sandnessjøen and Stokkvågen.

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Rødøy, a coastal municipality

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