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Kaupang Viking Stadt

Kaupang Viking Stadt ist während der Sommersaison geöffnet.

Kaupang Viking town is open during the summer season.  

Learn about the history of the Vikings' life in Kaupang town. Learn something new and experience crafts, religion and food culture.

The Town
Kaupang was founded around the year 800. The location was significant when the town was established as a hub for trade and production. At Kaupang today there is built a Viking house like they think it could have been. You can also see a model of the town and get to know how the town was located.

Many have dug and researched Kaupang from the 1800s until now. Most of the city is still not excavated.
In the exhibition "What Kaupang Earth hid" you get an insight into how archaeologists worked, what they did and what we know about Kaupang history today.

Activities in the Summer season

Wednesday - Family day

The children can participate in archaeological excavation. There will also be storytelling, archery and games. Try the tasteful Kaupang soup cooked in iron pot, made like the Kaupang residents may have done it. You can also make your own bread over the fire.

Thursday - Activity Day 

Hiking and activities for older children and adults. You walk the Viking road through the burial field at Nordre Kaupang before you get to test your Viking skills in archery and many other activities.

The tasteful Kaupang soup with bread is served even on thursdays.

For groups

Activities are organized and adapted to groups as needed.

Quelle: Visit Vestfold


Kaupang Viking Stadt

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