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Walk up to the Mardalsfossen waterfall

Visit Northern Europe's highest waterfall, Mardalsfossen, by Lake Eikesdalsvatnet in Romsdal. A leisurely hike along a gravel road suitable for all ages.

Mardalsfossen is the world's fourth highest free-falling waterfall and offers a close-up and impressive view during the water discharge season from June 20 to August 20. The waterfall is 655 meters high, with a free fall of 297 meters.

Hiking description to Mardalsfossen

The hike to Mardalsfossen is about 2 km long on a marked and well-maintained path. Suitable for all ages, it takes approximately 30-45 minutes. The trail starts at the parking area in Mardalen and meanders through old elm trees. Walking through the lush, primeval forest-like vegetation along the road to the waterfall is an experience in itself. The path is easily accessible and can also be cycled. The first 1.4 kilometers to the new bridge are the easiest, with a gentle incline up to 200 meters. After the bridge, the path becomes steeper up to the waterfall at 325 meters above sea level. You can get very close to the waterfall, but it's wet and misty, so rain gear is recommended. Eikesdal Community Group has installed a small house with a guest book, where visitors are encouraged to sign in.

Driving directions and parking

Follow RV660 from Eidsvåg/Eresfjord to Eikesdal along the beautiful Lake Eikesdalsvatnet. At the end of the lake, head west and follow signs to Mardalsfossen. It's about 20 km from Eresfjord. A road from Eikesdal leads to the parking area in Mardalen (toll road with license plate recognition, NOK 50,-, pay within 48 hours to avoid an invoice fee of NOK 79,-). There are picnic benches, a kiosk, and information about the waterfall and the area. No parking fee.

Open between June 20 and August 20

Today, Mardalsfossen is part of a hydroelectric power project. In 1970, it was decided to develop the waterfall for hydroelectric power, leading to significant demonstrations known as the "Mardøla Action". Despite the protests, the hydroelectric plant was built at Mardalsfossen. However, as a small compensation, it was decided that the waterfall would be open from June 20 to August 20 each year. During this period, the sluices are opened, and the water cascades down the mountainside - making this the best time to visit!

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Walk up to the Mardalsfossen waterfall

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