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Honnstadknyken i Surnadal

About hiking destination Honnstadknyken rises 1071 meters above sea level and is a landmark in Surnadal. In dialect the short name for the mountain is "Knykjen" The starting point for the tour is near to city center and makes this an accessible tour for visitors. The wiew on top is great and on your you'll find many idyllic places for a stop. The tour can be about Ranessetra, an ancient stone summer farm. The trip to Knyken is quite demanding. Not because it is particularly steep, but ascend is smooth, spread over long distances. Total elevation is 800 meters and the tour is 13 km in all. Where to start You can follow the bus  Mørlinjen and start the trip right beside highway 670between Surnadal and Sunndalsøra. If you get there by car you can park at the parking lot further up the road ( You have to pay tax to drive this road) From the parking lot you follos the marking to Knykjen. A few meters from the parking lot you come in on a forest road. Follow this to the right a little further before you turn left from forest road again. The trail goes over a small bridge and up the hill. The path is clearly signposted all the way. If you want to shorten a bit on the long run, you can drive up to the end of the road and park in the designated place. From there it is also signposted trail - it starts at the sharp left turn before the last hill up to the parking lot.

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Honnstadknyken i Surnadal

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