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Hardbakkhytta DNT Hütte

Hardbakkhytta is located nicely on a hight, next to a small tarn, and has an amazing view in all directions: south one can see Trollheimen in the west and Romsdalsfjella to the east. North is the northern part of the Fjord Route, and the ocean. The cabin is situated in the middle of the southern part of the Fjord Route, approximately 5 hours from both Grytbakksetra to the east and Tverrlihytta to the west.

The cabin was built in 1998, and Steinbua located approx. 60 metres from the main cabin was built in 2006. The latter is used only when the main cabin is full. The tarn in front of the main cabin is the source of drinking water, while the pond next to Steinbrua is used for swimming.

The cabin is self-serviced and open all year. Please note that during winter there might be a lot of snow, even covering the whole entrance in some winters - spade is found near the entrace. Total amount of beds: 26, 11 in the main cabin and 12 at Steinbua. And 3 extra beds in the living room.

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Hardbakkhytta DNT Hütte

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