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Flaggnuten i Sunndal

The start of the trip to Flaggnuten is in the city center of Sunndalsøra. Drive towards Ålvundeid and Kristiansund along highway 70. Tha parking lot is just before the tunnel, at the wharf in Sunndal. The tour starts at the roadside, next to the parking lot (Nebbfoten). Flaggnuten is Sunndals harshest and roughest short trip. The trail goes steeply up from the highway. After the first 5 to 10 minutes you'll arrive at a plateau overlooking the quay. From here it gets really steep and it is hung up the chain to get a grip while you're climbing. Take your time and make good hold with hands and feet, especially when the mountains are wet. From the first steep overhang is approximately five minutes walk up a steep path up to a new hinge chain. After this climb it calms down a little and although it is steep you are done with the roughest part of the route.  A good half hour walk will take you to a stream that tend to have good water levels in the spring and early summer. Once you have passed the creek you have to walk about 10-15 meters down the hill.  Just under ten minutes easy walk leads to the viewpoint.  Flaggnuten is reachable most of the year. The trail is steep, located on the sunny side and the local wind called "Litldalsvinden" takes so well that it rarely snow stays in the trail. The tour may well be extended. Approximately 250 meters before reaching Flaggnuten a trail goes off to Bjønnalauvet and up to Hovsnebba (1554 m)

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Flaggnuten i Sunndal

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