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Siderhuset Ola K


Siderhuset Ola K is an award-winning Hardanger restaurant focusing on local ingredients, Cider from Hardanger, and high-quality wine. Beautifully located by the fjord surrounded by steep mountains.

It is hard to find a better place to enjoy a meal and cider from Hardanger than Siderhuset Ola K. The restaurant is beautifully located on the quay at Nå - surrounded by steep mountains.

The restaurant was established in 2021 as a supplement to what all the fantastic cider producers in the region have built up in recent years. At Siderhuset Ola K, they serve high-quality food and courses. The menu, which consists of a 2-course lunch or a 3-course dinner, varies weekly - depending on available ingredients from the region. In addition to all the various cider sorts from the nearby area, they also have a broad selection of wines. 

The building has been a gathering place for locals and tourists for over a decade. It started in 1912 when Ola K. Nå himself brought up the house to support the locals in Vikebygd with, among other things, trade, shipping of fruit, and a postal office. Now, however, the role has been passed on, and finally people can enjoy great food and drinks in a joyful atmosphere on the quay at Nå.

Siderhuset Ola K, easily accessible by car and with the fjordcruise by The Fjords, also offers cider and/or wine tastings with a sommelier and pommelier on request.

Welcome to great food, drinks, fjord, mountain views, and friendly hosts at Siderhuset Ola K!

Quelle: Destination Hardanger Fjord AS


Siderhuset Ola K


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