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Whale Watching from Sørkjosen to Skjervøy - Reisafjord Xperience


Welcome aboard a RIB boat whale safari in the beautiful Reisafjord, where you’ll experience an unforgettable day surrounded by spectacular nature! During this tour, it’s possible for us to get very close to whales outside Skjervøy.

Whale Species
Orcas, popularly (but wrongfully) known as Killer whales, are social herd animals who often stay together in the same groups for several generations. They have a black body and a large white spot behind the eye. Killer whales, which are the largest in the dolphin family, communicate by whistling and making pulsating sounds, which humans can also hear.

Humpback whales may be spotted alone, or as a small flock. They are big and powerful, with black on the upper side of their bodies and a clear hump on their backs. The humpback whale is acrobatic and known for its spectacular jumps above the sea surface! If you listen carefully, you can hear the humpback’s very special whale song. Humpback whales have a large tail fin that they show off when diving. The tail fin is unique to each individual.

Trip Equipment
We have warm outerwear, life jackets, hats, and protective goggles available. You need to remember to wear warm clothing and warm footwear.

Season: November 10 – January 31

Duration: Approx. 3 hours (10:00 – 13:00)

Price: NOK 1,400.-

For safety reasons, passengers must be 140 cm or taller.

Minimum 6 people

Quelle: Visit Lyngenfjord AS


Whale Watching from Sørkjosen to Skjervøy - Reisafjord Xperience


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