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Whale and nature safari winter

Join us for whale and nature safari, and get the experience to see and learn more about some of the world’s biggest mammals in a stunning Arctic landscape right outside North Cape. From November to April, whale species such as the Humpback whale, Killer whale (Orca), Harbour porpoise, white-beaked dolphin (springer) and sometimes even the Minky whale and Fin whale, visit the coast to feed on herring. This gives us an amazing opportunity to experience these precious animals close up. On the trip we will be passing island, see the north cape horn and other historical points.

What to bring: Warm boots, hat, scarf and mittens

- Transport to Skarsvåg( if neede)
- Guide
- Safety instructions
- Local history, nature and culture
- Thermal winter suit and life jacket
- Hot drink

Duration:3/4 hours
Meeting place:
With transport: Honningsvåg tourist information.
Without transport Skarsvåg tourist senter
Børnesveien 17 9763Skarsvåg

Quelle: Book Finnmark


Whale and nature safari winter

Vor kurzem angesehene Seiten