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Vestfold Museen


Real enriching experiences!  Vestfold museums can experience topical art, or enlivened by cultural areas such as whaling, Viking, medieval, counties, aluminum history and Munch's house.

Real enriching experiences!  Vestfold museums can experience topical art, or enlivened by cultural areas such as whaling, Viking, medieval, counties, aluminum history and Munch's house.

Berger Museum. Textile Industry museum.

The Aluminium Museum
The Aluminium Museum shows the history of Aluminium, but also how important the worker was in this regard.

Eidsfoss ironworks
The Eidsfoss Ironwork highlight the history of this ironworks community and contain various products from industrial activity in Eidsfoss. The owners of Eidsfos Ironworks converted the business from a producer of raw material to a foundry based on scrap metal. Now new products, spanning everything from small kitchen equipment (such as pots, pans and baking irons) to railway carriages are produced there. The ironworks used to be most well known for its cast-iron oven production, which stopped in the 1960s.
The buildings in Eidsfoss form a unique cultural historical backdrop, which includes Bråtagata, Gata and Hauane, together with the ironworks area comprising the power station and Eidsfos Manor House.

Midgard historical centre
Midgard Historical Centre is situated near the Borre burial mounds, which form one of Norway's most important cultural heritage sites. This historical place played a central role in Europe's Viking history. Experience Viking history, based on archeological knowledge, through your senses. Visit the great Viking Hall of Borre as well. More info and opening hours

The Slottsfjell Museum
The Slottsfjell Museum offers an exhibition on the Middle Ages, "The history of Tønsberg city" both in the museum and in the Slottfjell Tower on top of the hill,  "Svend Foyn and Tønsberg", the Whale Hall and its whale skeletons and the Viking Hall with Norway's four preserved Viking ships and the history of the Oseberg find. From the Vestfold courtyard at Tallak you will see old buildings of Vestfold. The Slottsfjell Museum welcomes you to the museum and Castle Cafe.

The Haugar Vestfold Art Museum
Haugar Vestfold Art Museum is beautifully and historically placed in the middle of Tønsberg town centre, between the ancient assembly site Haugating and a few even older burial mounds. As a regional art museum Haugar always offers exhibitions of current interest. Read more about exhibitions and opening hours

The Whaling Museum
National and international knowledge and activity centre about whales and the history of whaling. The Whaling Museum in Sandefjord is Europe's only specialist museum in the field of whales and whaling history. See animals and bird life from the Arctic and Antarctic regions and a life-sized model of a blue whale! Opening hours and more

Larvik Museum
Larvik Museum is situated at Verksgården in Langestrand, Larvik, and shows a new exhibition «The forgotten city», about Larvik as a historical county. In summer the Herregården is also open to visitors. This was built as a residence for governor and count Ulrik Fredrik Gyldenløve in the years 1674 – 1677.

The Vestfold Archive
The Vestfold Archive collects, preserves, makes available and finds sources of information on Vestfold's history. The Vestfold Archive is the depot for Vestfold County's archives, stores various private archives and collections and is also the co-ordinating institution for private archive work in Vestfold and Buskerud. Visit our reading room where you can dig into the arhives!

Munch's House. 
Edvard Munch (1863-1944) arrived at Åsgårdstrand for the first time the summer in 1889. He dubbed this home the "Happy House" and returned here almost every summer for the next 20 years. His two world famous paintings "Dance of Life" and "The girls on the Jetty" is painted here.

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Vestfold Museen


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