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Two-day canoe trip on the Alta River

Join us exploring the wilderness of the upper part of The Alta River. Great nature and wild life as we follow the current down through the Alta Canyon!

This adventure provides you with a taste of most types of nature found in Finnmark. We roam into the edge of the Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau and experience the valleys of Tverrelvdalen and Altadalen, as well as the coast when you are safely back down in Alta. However, for most people the majestic Alta Canyon is the highlight of this adventure and provides lasting memories. Few people venture into the Alta Canyon, primarily because it’s so difficult to get there. You will experience incredible nature, eagles, salmon, various duck species and long river boats in perfect union! If we’re lucky, we can add a moose and fox as well! Content You will be picked up at your hotel at 10am before we start the adventure by driving up the valley of Tverrelvdalen past the slate quarries at Stilla and Nullpunktet – where the historic demonstrations against the construction of the hydroelectric power plant took place – then up to Sautso. You also have the option of a guided tour of the Alta Power Station; the dam and viewing room (not included, must be arranged before the tour starts). The actual paddling starts 2 km down river from the dam and ends at Sorrisniva or Bollo, which are 20 and 25 km further down river respectively. We expect to be back in Alta between 4-6pm, but this time may be adapted to suit your plans. Previous paddling experience The river is relatively gentle and no previous paddling experience is required. All necessary instruction will be given. All participants wear life jackets so if we’re unlucky and the canoe overturns, this will be undramatic. The water temperature is normally up to around 16 °C during the summer and the water level is relatively low. However, the upper reaches of the river are more challenging and you need to know where to paddle to reduce the chances of overturning and accidents. We know the best places to paddle! Accommodation We stay overnight in a tent or lavvu (Sami herdsmen’s tent) in the upper reaches of the river in the Alta Canyon. Participants require a sleeping bag and ground pad. Check the equipment list at the bottom of the page. Nature and animal life The upper reaches of the Alta River take us through Alta Canyon, a rare natural gem best enjoyed from a gently flowing canoe. Few people make it up here, apart from those who have the opportunity to fish here. Further down the valley, the landscape is dominated by forested, cultural and agricultural areas. Paddling in a canoe provides a close-up encounter with the animal life, such as white-tailed sea eagles, various duck species and, if you’re lucky, the king of the forest, the moose. A culinary journey The trip down the river is also a culinary experience. We aspire to serve good food, preferably grilled over an open fire on the riverbank. Dishes based on reindeer, king crab, salmon and berries are among those prepared over the open fire, depending on the season. Dinner on day one and breakfast and lunch on day two are included in the tour price. We recommend participants to eat a solid lunch before setting off on this trip.

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Two-day canoe trip on the Alta River

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