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The Trollfjord is located in Raftsundet with high peaks raising up to 1100 meters with glaciers on the tops and beautiful waterfalls.

The fjord is only 100 meters wide in the opening of the fjord but widens up further in. It is just big enough for the Hurtigruten ship to get in and turn around in the fjord. Here are no road in the fjord, so the only way to go here is by boat.

The Trollfjord has been photographed, filmed and painted numerous of times. When you explore it you will understand why: it is magical, narrow and incredible beautiful – an attraction in an area which were explored almost before the term tourism was known. The German emperor Wilhelm II visited Lofoten for the first time in 1889 and he and his crew visited Lofoten many times. More than emperors have been inspired by the Trollfjord. Parts of the film “Downsizing” with Matt Damon in the main character were filmed here in 2016.

There are several departures to Trollfjord in the summertime from Svolvær. Here are the different possibilities to explore Trollfjord:

1. Sea eagle safari in RIB boats with RIB Lofoten, Go2Lofoten, Lofoten Explorer og XXLofoten.
2. Sail boats to Trollfjord with Pukka Travels and World Sea Explorers.
3. Trollfjord cruise in charter boats with MS Øykongen and Lofoten Charterboat.
4. Trollfjord cruise on the hybrid electric boat Brim Explorer.
5. The Hurtigruten ship goes to Trollfjord on the north bound and south bound trips.

See all the different experiences to Trollfjord here.

Quelle: Destination Lofoten



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