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Søndre Land

Trevatn - sykkelrute

This is the biking route that goes around Trevatn. You can start where Damvegen takes separates from county road 114. Ride south to Trevassdammen and further south along the west side of Trevatn, about 3.5 km. Soon you will find a tractor road up the hill to the west. It is impossible to ride it, but you can roll the bike for a few hundred meters. On top of the hill you will see a road that goes down to Skrukli Station, some areas may be very steep. Head west from Skrukli and turn towars the shooting range at Kongen. When you get to Kongen, simply follow the road towards Trevatn Station. From Trevatn Station ride county road 114 until you reach the starting point. Difficulty 3: The course may prove challenging with steep climbs and descents. The surface may be uneven with obstacles, bumps and holes. Hike route 628321 - powered by Wandermap

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Trevatn - sykkelrute

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