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The BIG Fishing Tour

Want to know how it’s like to be a fisherman? Come and join us on our big fishing tour where you learn all about fishing cod, halibut, king crabs and much more.

This is a hands-on experience, so don’t be afraid to get yourself dirty. At the end of the trip we will also show you how to filet and prepare the fish. What you get: - guided boat tour - beautiful view of the Barents Sea, the Risfjord and the surrounding landscape - information on history & culture of Skarsvåg, northernmost fishing village in the world - hands-on experience of marine life of the North Cape region - explanation of fishing methods and preparation of fish Meeting place: Skarsvåg Tourist Center, Børnesveien 17a, 9763 Skarsvåg

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Book Finnmark

The BIG Fishing Tour

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