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Tørfoss Kven Farm - Nord Troms Museum

Tørfoss Kven Farm in the Reisa Valley provides a vibrant example of the Kven culture.

The farm bears witness to the Kven immigration that took place in Northern Norway in the 18th and 19th centuries. The farmyard consists of a beautiful traditional Kven farmhouse, a cottage, a wood-fired sauna and three storage sheds. Did you know that the cottage houses a baker’s oven made of stone and clay that is big enough to bake 20 loaves of bread at once? This oven was used by both the farm’s residents and their neighbours. The Kven people by the Lyngenfjord A visit to the Tørfoss Kven Farm offers an insight into how a Kven family lived and supported itself in the Reisa Valley. The Kven people have left their mark on North Troms throughout history. The “meeting of the three tribes” has characterized the area around the Lyngenfjord and indicates the interaction between the Kven, Sami and Norwegian people in our historical and cultural basis. Festival and Kven culture centre Each year the Kven cultural heritage in North Troms is celebrated with a Kven cultural event called Paaskiviikko. This annual festival brings to life the Kven culture, language, traditions and history through concerts, performances, exhibitions and lectures.

Quelle: Visit Lyngenfjord AS


Tørfoss Kven Farm - Nord Troms Museum

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