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Svinesund - The most important boarder cross between Norway and Sweden, and the rest of the European continent. In 2006, an average of 16 000 cars crossed the boarder - every day. The Ringdalsfjord is the boarder fjord between Norway and Sweden. Whether arriving by car or boat, the first sights as you approach Halden is beautiful natural scenery and architecture. Sweden on your starboard, Norway on your port Passing under the Svinesund bridges sailing into Halden, you'll find yourself in the border country between Norway and Sweden. If you keep to the middle of the fjord, the national border is right underneath your keel, with Sweden on you starboard and Norway on your port! The border fjord The border fjord with Sweden passes from the Single fjord and the idyllic Hvaler islands all the way down to Berby in Enningdalen. Futher out it´s called the Ringdalsfjord, but after making a sharp turn and heading south it is called the Iddefjord, which has a rich stock of fish. In summer this is a very popular area for having a swim. This border fjord leading into Halden has been called the only real "western Norwegian fjord in eastern Norway". Narrow and idyllic, it cuts sharply through the country and offers breathtaking natural scenery.

Quelle: Halden Turist



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