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Stiftinga Sunnmøre Museum

Stiftinga Sunnmøre Museum is a foundation consisting of 12 museums from Sunnmøre. We offer something for everyone! You can walk between old wooden houses, be part of running an old farm, visit an old shop, or take a trip on a Viking ship! Sunnmøre Museum, the largest museum in the foundation, was founded in 1931, with all the villages in Sunnmøre as its object. More than 50 houses and 40 boats in the outdoor museum show part of what life was like up until the early 1900. Volda Bygdetun is also an outdoor museum, with old buildings and artefacts from the 19th century farmkeeping. At the Tannery Museum at Volda Bygdetun, you can learn more about the process of tanning hides and skins. The Brudavolltun in Ørsta is an almost complete farm from the early 18th century. Ytste Skotet is, unlike the previous mentioned outdoor museums, only open during summer. Boat is the most important access route, and this living museum shows preindustrial, selfsustainable farming. The Medieval Museum shows archeological works done in the area of Sunnmøre Museum. 900 years ago, this was a lively centre for trade, politics and religion. Also Herøy Coastal Museum is based on an old trade centre, with buildings and traditional boats from the 19th century. A copy of the Kvalsund ship from 600 AD, and of the traditional boat used in Sunnmøre during the 18th century can also be found here. The Fisheries Museum in Ålesund, a part of Aalesunds Museum, situated in an old cod liver oil factory, still contains the smells and the sound of seagulls. Aalesunds Museum is the city museum, and exhibits miniature fishing boats, Art Nouveau artefacts, World War 2, and a little "egg" - Brudeegget - which crossed the Atlantic. Another museum, the Godøy Coastal Museum, also exhibits artefacts from World War 2, as well as archeological discoveries, hunting and fisheries, all from the local area. In Volda the Sivert Aarflot Museum shows the first countryside printing works in Norway, from 1809. Norsk Møbelfaglig Senter is the site for furniture history, covering the whole of Norway. It is located in Sykkylven, the furniture capital of Sunnmøre, and the base for the Siesta chair and the Stressless. Sykkylven Natural Historical Museum shows beautiful panoramas with an extended collection of living animals and birds from Norway and Spitsbergen. Read more on!

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Stiftinga Sunnmøre Museum

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