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Spriten Kunsthall

Spriten Kunsthall is located on Klosterøya, a few minutes walk from the center of Skien.

Spriten Project Space was established in 2007 in a former rubbing alcohol (spirits) factory in Skien. The factory was established in 1917 and produced rubbing alcohol until the Second World War.  The building is in jugend style and is a landmark in Skien with its tall distillation tower. After the war the alcohol-production was halted and the building housed a mechanical workshop and laboratories in conection with the Union paper mill until 2006. Since 2007 Skien commune rents 1.100 m2 in the lower parts of the building. 11 artists rent studio space at Spriten. In addition to artist studios Spriten also houses a production hall, digitally equipped project room and is furnished to exhibit art projects within a broad specter of genres. The main goal when establishing Spriten is for the municipality of Skien to secure that artists in the region has decent work terms and to make it easier for professional artists to live and work in Skien. Through Spriten Project Space we can offer; subsidized studio rental and production space in an established milieu consisting of professional artists. In addition to artists' studios - Spriten consists of the following spaces for rent: Kunsthall: 150 m2. 1st floor. Height: approx. 10 m (3,5 m under mezzanine). Access through car port. Crane is accessible in parts of area (capacity 5 tons). 40 m2 «room in room» under mezzanine  - can be separated with curtain (black). Digilab: 50 m2. 2nd floor (accessible via elevator). Equipped with digital production tools (plotter, scanner, PC w/creative suite). Room can also be rented as workspace for short or long term projects. Mezzanine: 85 m2. 2 nd floor (accessible via elevator). Open down to main hall. Height: Approx. 6 m.

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Spriten Kunsthall

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