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Sørstrand Folkepark

Sørstrand Folkepark is a recreation area two kilometers from the center of Florø.

Sørstrand Folkepark is a beautiful outdoor area where you can enjoy beautiful summer days at the beach, go for walks on the beautiful gravel path, and get into the autumn and winter mood in the shelter.

Where is Sørstrand Folkepark?

Sørstrand Folkepark is located two kilometres from the centre of Florø, right at the far end of the airport. From the car park, it's about one kilometre out to the outermost islet, Flatholmen. Several paths have been created in recent years and benches have been placed in several places.

Near the roller coaster, you'll find a shelter and barbecue hut. The barbecue hut is locked but can be opened by appointment. One of the trails starts from here.

Activities at Sørstrand

The beautiful beach at Sørstrand is the most popular bathing area in Florø. It is bustling with people on sunny summer days, but is also used for recreation at other times of the year. Bridges have been built to the two islets south of the beach, so there is room for everyone. The area is organised with tables and benches where you can relax. There is also a service centre here. You can walk around Flatholmen to find a place to sit alone and enjoy the view or take a walk on one of the new trails. There is also a volleyball court and barbecues.

The area is adapted for wheelchair users.

Last updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Visit FjordKysten

Sørstrand Folkepark

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