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Røkenes Gård og Gjestehus - übernachtung

Røkenes Farm is the pearl in the north

"Røkenes Farm is the pearl in the north. Wonderful nature, beautiful old house with a familiar atmosphere in the home, a very hospitable host, professional kitchen with the most delicious home made food. Is it strange that a lengtar back?" A quote from; Ingrid Espeli Hovi - a famous Norwegian chef. Our guests are welcome to a great meal in an atmosphere that we just think we out here on the farm have in undisturbed areas. Røkenes Farm was cleared already in the Migration Period (years 400-600). It was used in the Viking Age and Middle Ages. Odel Farm in 1300. From Holsbæk on Soul Country came Hans Rasmussen Rafn in 1673. He married Ingeborg Johan Daughter, who was the farm's widow. These were the origins of the ancestors who have since settled the farm. Today's host, Kristian Kulseng is 10th generation.

Quelle: Destination Harstad


Røkenes Gård og Gjestehus - übernachtung

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