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Pedal boats in Mysen river

The whey Elvas friends working diligently to facilitate activities along whey river. It has now made a great trail along the river at Mysen. it is also set up several picnic areas and barbecue areas.
On Mysen Elva can use paddleboats are free to borrow. Keys and agreements do with Narvesen at the railway station in Mysen.
There are two paddleboats where there is room for four people in each boat.
Friends can use two pedal boats which is lent to those who want to "trample" around a little tour in parts of the river.
- The keys are located at the kiosk - Narvesen by railwaystation, and can be borrowed there.
- Pedal boats are at Sandbo, behind Grafisk ferdiggjøring / No. 1 trykk.
The following rules apply for loans of these boats:
It is not allowed to drive a car to the boats
The borrower must be at least 18 years
The borrower must be sober
Everyone in the boat must have a life jacket
It could not be more in the boat then it was intended for (four - 4)
It is set up sign by lending-site where there is not allowed to "trample" away with boats.
It is permitted only toward Susebakke
Keys must be returned to Narvesen the day after before 1200 noon.
Be considerate when using the boats so they are not damaged, and pay attention to wildlife on the river

Last updated: 02/06/2024

Source: Visit Indre Østfold

Pedal boats in Mysen river

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