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Overåsanden - beach

It is not necessary to travel to the Spain when you have Overåsanden! Perhaps the finest beach on Sunnmøre can be found at the National Monument on Overå. It is an east-facing, shallow beach with beautiful sand and good space for parking. Distance to Hareid center is three kilometers. Buy some good food with you from one of the shops or restaurants on Hareid and enjoy lazy summer days on the beach or on the mountains by Overåsanden. On the floating pier adjacent to the rocks, you can easily dock by boat. The national monument that stands at the far end of the mountain is a memorial to the battle of Hjörungavágr in the year 986, although there are many opinions about where the battle actually stood. Earl Håkon and his son Eirik say about the Danish invasion army, the support of the infamous Jomsvikings was an important step towards a real national unity of Norway. Hareid municipality therefore took the initiative for a large-scale millennium party in 1986 where, among other things, this memorial was erected.

Quelle: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Overåsanden - beach

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