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Moss The seaside Resort


In Moss, you can choose between rocks and sand, strike a pose on the city beach or hide in a Vansjø bay. Approximately 50 beaches – and the city's new pride: the diving tower at Fleischer pier in the city centre, make Moss a seaside resort ideal for sailing, boat-life, swimming, camping, paddling and all sorts of watersport. The spectacular diving tower is a gift for the city's 300th anniversary and will be ready for use with a bathhouse and sauna in the summer of 2021. The city beach, named Sjøbadet, is located only a little stroll from the city centre. It welcomes the travellers from the other side of the Oslo fjord and invites you to spend the day with locals, swimmers and joggers – and children eager to try the water slide. Sjøbadet is marked with a Blue Flag, which means a focus on safety, the environment and accessibility.

OK Moss' pole hunt is a perfect activity for the whole family, both young and old, but you can also do it alone or with a friend. The concept is free and can be described as an easy form of tour orientation where you discover hidden gems in the local area and feel the joy of finding your way around the map. If you have an extra competitive instinct, you can compare yourself with other pole hunters by logging in to stolpejakten

Last updated: 04/17/2024

Source: VisitMOSS AS

Moss The seaside Resort

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