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Marianne's Hiking tour

This tour is conducted by Marianne's Heaven on Earth Aurora Chaser Tours. Join an easy to medium hike in breathtaking scenery one hour away from Tromsø city.

If we are lucky we may see the wildlife living in this area - reindeers, eagles, and other birds, as we listen to the ancient Folklore Stories about this area. I am Marianne and both my guides and I are professional photographers.
We specialise in natural and low light photography and all things rural, including flora and fauna.
I am a native of Tromvik which is a small fishing village west of Tromsø.
My family and I, have all lived and worked this land since the early 1700s.
We would love to share this beautiful landscape that we call "heaven on earth" with you .
Come join us in my very own Garden of Eden. See the fjords and landscape my way.

From the city center we will drive approximately 1 hour away. Travelling through the scenic fjords and mountains, our guides will provide you with local information and folklore stories.

- On arrival at the destination, we will guide you on an easy to medium hike, which should take approximately one to two hours one way, depending how we pace it. Take in the breathtaking scenery as we enjoy the walk, and make the most of the clean, fresh Norwegian air.
- If we are lucky we may even see some of the wildlife that lives in this area, reindeers, eagles and other species of birds, as we listen to the ancient folklore stories about this area.

Included: Transport, guide, hot drinks and biscuit, tripod, assistance with cameras and settings.
Duration: 6 hours
Number of participants: 2-7
Level of difficulty: Easy-Medium. Children on request.
Departure time and place: 6pm (18:00) from City Centre Post Office

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Marianne's Hiking tour

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