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Kulturhistorische Wanderung in Fitjar

Easy trip containing cultural experiences for both children and grownups.




Stord - Fitjar 1:50.000.

Start and end point

Municipal building in Fitjar (Fitjar rådhus)


Information boards along the trail. Marked and graded after the new national standard. Signs in all crosspaths.


Green Easy hike

Difference in altitude

13 – 118 m. above sea level

Estimated time

1 hour, 2 km

Good advice

Take your time, a lot of historical sights

Tour description

Easy trip containing cultural experiences for both children and grownups. From the parking lot the park is easily seen north of the church. Further the walk is on a flat asphalt road with easy access for prams and wheelchairs. Go left, past the lay chapel to get to the King's well (Kongsbrunnen). Walk the same road back to the chapel, but cross the main road and onto a path across the churchyard.

On the other side you cross the asphalt road, keep going up the road north of and past Rimbareid primary school. From here the road turns left up some stairs and then there is a path to Rimsvarden. Here is a nice view of Fitjarvikjo and Austevoll. You must follow the same track back down to "Sjøsbrekko". Here you keep left and straight back to the parking lot.

There are information boards about the cultural heritage of Fitjar at many of the historical places. These give an account of the history of the community.

One is placed at the Håkonar Park and the statue of Håkon den Gode (made by Anne Grimdalen, 1961). Here is the account of the battle of Fitjar in 961 AD. At the King's well you may find information about the well and the King's estate. South of the church is the information board telling about the old stone church preceding the wooden one. Up at Rimsvarden, which is a grave mound from the Bronze Age, is a separate information board about the mound and its contents.

Quelle: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Kulturhistorische Wanderung in Fitjar

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