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Hjartdal gamle kapell

Hjartdal gamle kapell - ute
Holm parish, built in the 1500s, was moved from Hjartdal to Nutheim in 1963. The building was restored back to the condition it mus have had prior to 1863, when it was a minister`s home. Erlend Grøstad has invested a lot of time in preserving the history connected to this building. The building is used as a home, but is also in use during Nutheim`s many art classes. When the parish was moved to Nutheim, Grøstad felt that it would be only right to include a chapel, which he built in the cellar. Today the chapel is used on church holidays, for weddings, and for religious seminars when the guests are staying at Nutheim.

Last updated: 03/06/2023

Source: Vest Telemark

Hjartdal gamle kapell

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