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Hike to Storseterfossen (waterfall)

Hike to Storsæter waterfall in Geiranger

The hike to the popular Storsæterfossen waterfall, where the trail actually goes behind the waterfall is one of the most popular hikes in Geiranger. There is a narrow gravel road to Vesterås (320 m.a.s.l.) by narrow gravel road. Closest parking is by the main road at Hole or park by the Norwegian Fjord Center.

If you start from Vesterås farm, there are two routes to choose from. Whether you follow the gravel road 50 meters back passing the cabins located on the left hand, and takes off on a tractor road leading up through hayfields. Follow the tractor road until a gate at the forest edge. You will pass through the gate and come into a stone pathway with hundreds of steps made ​​by Sherpas from Nepal and completed in 2014.

The other route goes along the outbuilding at the end of the gravel road. This trail is not a stone pathway, but is shorter and steeper.  One hundred altitude meters higher up in the hillside the trail comes onto the stone pathway made by the Sherpas that leads right up to Storseterfossen waterfall.  

There is a nice plateau (540 m.a.s.l.) just above the falls and a secured path goes down to the right and beneath the magnificent waterfall. Be cautious on wet, slippery party.

The trip from Vasteras to Storsæterfossen waterfall takes 45-60 minutes each way.

ELECTRIC BIKE and HIKE alternative: Parking at Hole can be limited so a good option is to go uphill to Vesterås farm from town by "ebike" - an easy and fun way to travel without using much energy. Then of course you can also wheel back down after the walk.

Quelle: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Hike to Storseterfossen (waterfall)

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