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Sightseeing mit Hubschrauber in der Stavangerregion.

Anbieter: Helitrans AS. 

Sightseeing von Stavanger Flughafen nach Lysefjord und Preikestolen.

FAQ  - Fragen Q. How many people can fly in your helicopters? A. Our helicopters seat up to 6 passengers plus one pilot. Q. Do you ever have delays or interruptions to your scheduled flights? A. Delays may occur more often then not during: 1) Our busy season from June thru December.  2) Government air restrictions and high profile government visits to region. 3) Inclement weather and the next flyable weather day. 4) Extreme heat, cold or windy days.  5) Holidays Q. Are private chartered tours available? A. Yes, private chartered tours are available. Q. How long are your tours? Q. Is parking available at the heliport? A. YES Q. What happens if I buy a tour and my flight is cancelled due to weather? A.Helitrans Helicopters will do our best to reschedule your tour for another date and time. If we cannot find an agreed upon date and time for your tour and you purchased your tour through this website or by calling us by phone, we will refund you in full. If you purchased our tour through a 3rd party or affiliate you will need to contact them directly to discuss refund options. Q. Are there any additional fees? A. NO. Q. Must I bring my photo identification with me? A. Yes all guests are required to bring a valid photo id as. Disclosure: Helitrans reserves the right to upgrade, alter or terminate any or all of our tours due to security, weather, acts of God, or for any other reason we deem necessary. Please be advised that unforseen circumstances may interfere with on time departures. All tour prices, tour duration's, tour routes, fees, and hours of operation subject to change w/o notice  Thank you. Unique selling points: Hvorfor å velge akkurat dette produktet/denne turen? H130T2: There are 2 Rows of seats with Panoramic Glass window for the whole cabin • 1 pilot navigating flight in the front left • 6 Passengers seats (2 seats in the front row and 4 seats in the back row) • Second row Seats are elevated in theatre-style where passengers in the back row can still enjoy scenic view • Seat comfort and glass compartment allows best visibility in all seats • All seats are equipped with Noise reduction headphone and voice activated microphone • Cooler box with beverage on board • Life vest provided on board for all over-the-water flight

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