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Finnmarksløpet AS

Finnmarksløpet is the world’s northernmost sled dog race. Finnmarksløpet hosts two classes: FL-500 (500 km) raced with up to eight dogs, and FL-1000 (1000 km) with a maximum of 14 dogs.

Both classes start on the same day, Saturday of week 10 in the month of March; they starts and finishes in the biggest city of Finnmark county, Alta. Mushers and dogs in FL-1000, cross the county all the way to Kirkenes in the east, before they turn and race along approximately the same tracks back to the finish line in Alta. The tracks of FL-500 are mainly on the mountain plateau.

It was organized for the first time in 1981 by Alta Mushing Association.

Quelle: Book Finnmark


Finnmarksløpet AS

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