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At Bjørgefjell you can choose from different paths through the cultural landscape with idyllic spots where you can enjoy panoramic views of Lake Seljordsvatnet.

Cultural landscape and vantage points In Bjørgefjell you can choose from a number of different footpaths through the cultural landscape. The lower part of the route is graded easy to medium, while the final ascent to the top of Mount Bjørgefjell is steeper and more challenging. There are numerous idyllic spots along the way where you can stop, rest and enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Seljordsvatnet. Maybe you will see its alleged sea monster? The Telemark Ice Cream Nordigard Bjørge is one of very few farms rearing the distinctive alpine cow which has a very unique temperament. She is sociable, playful and curious! From her milk the hosts on the farm create the most delicious ice-cream with flavours added from local produce. We recommend you to stop at the farm café to taste the Telemark-is (Telemark ice cream). The childrens favourite Spending time with the farm animals is always a hit with the children. Perhaps you will be able to help the farmer with the daily chores or take the rabbits for a walk? Startingpoint You can start the trip from either Nordigard Bjørge or Seljord Camping. There is easy access from the main road.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Vest Telemark


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