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Driving Distance: Brøløs - exit to Beach / Manheim: 10km. From the main road to the parking lot where the trail starts: 6.4 km Toll: 30 kr Walking time: 15 min Level: Easy Ballongfararsteinen situated in the south side of Lifjell upon earlier Strand-farms. From the farm Beach is signposted to Ballongfararsteinen. Great views of the lake Seljord and on the way up. The road goes past the farm Manheim. Park your car, walk about 15 minutes on the marked path in light woodland. Balloon in 1870: Ballongfararsteinen is set up on Lifjell in memory of two Frenchmen who came in the balloon from the besieged Paris all the way up to Lifjell in November 1870. A dramatic, long and cold journey from a war-threatened town, which ended at Lifjell above Strondegardane. Brothers Steve and Klas Beach localized the French men the morning after they had fallen down. The event became known throughout the country and the French were celebrated as heroes during the journey from Seljord to Christiania. Gunnar Sveinsson has made ​​a local historical game with balloon voyage as a theme and Einar Østvedt has written the book "The first air journey across Norway."

Last updated: 03/06/2023

Source: Vest Telemark


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