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Ålesund - Trollstigen round trip

Travel with Royal Tur from Ålesund, passing by Storfjorden and up the incredible Trollstigen. This is a fairytale journey in reality, through high mountains and deep fjords. It's an unique experience even for Norwegians!

Trollstigen is a natural masterpiece with adventurous experiences, all the time. The road slithers along the mountain side, passing the waterfall Stigfossen, with it's 11 turns. That is an experience in itself. The road has induced tourist here since 1936, with a majestetic landscape along the whole route.

Route description

The tour is 1st class with an exclusive 16 seated minibus with the best comfort and panoramic windows, for the best views. Comfort and quality are our brand. Ålesund is like a fairytale. We will see the town in panoramic view from the top of the city mountain Aksla. We then move along to Storfjorden. On the journey we'll watch a fantastic drone video from Ålesund, Gudbransjuvet and Trollstigen inside the buses tv screens. There's also a part showing the snow plowing at Trollstigen, which has a massive snow fall during the winter months. The video is set to comforting tones, while we drive pass Sunnmørsalpaneme . These are some spectacular snowy peaks with deep fjords. There are 8-10 stops on this journey. Gudbrandsjuvet is a spectacular experience, with waterfalls and rapids. After a 15 minute visit here we will take our lunch in the bus and drive towards Trollstigen. We will pass wild, untouched nature on the way and will make two stops before we arrive. At Trollstigen there is a 45 minute stop. We will experience it both from the top and the bottom, as the view is amazing both ways. It will take the breath from anyone. We will also make a stop to say hi to the trolls further down the valley, before we drive back to Ålesund.

Quelle: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Ålesund - Trollstigen round trip

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