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Snowkiting in Haugastøl


Is snowkiting your new passion?
Try it at Haugastøl together with experienced instructors who will guide you safely into the sport! The instructors main aim is to teach you the basic skills for you to go out and snowkite on you own at a later stage. As a participant only need to bring with you warm winter clothes and ski/snowboard.

The two biggest snowkite schools in Norway use Haugastøl as their base for their snowkite courses throughout the winter. They provide the instructor, the gear and course, whilst we at Haugastøl offer accommodation and food.

The courses are booked directly with the different providers, but all accommodation and food needs to be booked separately with us. For more information please visit and

If you don't feel like being part of a group course, or a weekend course doesn't fit your schedule we offer private snowkite courses for all level of kiters.
Everything from just a two hour “taster” to weeklong full on expedition or freestyle courses.
Please email us for availability and prices.

Why choose Haugastøl?
Our biggest benefit is the almost unlimited amount of different snowkite spots. Hardangervidda Nationalpark has 3 422 km2 ridable terrain, and Hallingskarvet Nationalpark has 450km2. We have been kiting since 1999 and we still discover new places to ride every winter.

The National Tourist Route Hardangervidda starts right outside the hotel and passes trough the heart of the national park. This gives us 38km of road where you can stop anywhere (there is a parking) and snowkite. Being flexible to move around the the best spot of the day will greatly improve your chances of epic snowkite days during your holiday.

On stormy days the road over the mountain can close due to to much snow and poor visibility. During these days we offer snowmobile shuttles to spots with better conditions for guests in the hotel.

We can proudly say, Haugastøl has truly become the Mecca for snowkiting.

Text: Haugastøl Turistsenter AS

Quelle: Visit Geilo AS


Snowkiting in Haugastøl


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