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Sledding - Dagali Fjellpark


Are you looking for fun and excitement the toboggan trail in Dagalifjell Park is an excellent playground. The track is 1,850 meters long and consists of straight stages and curves. The custom built sleds can reach a speed of 70 km/h.

Many believe that tobogganning is a bit boring and is best suited for children, but then they have not tried in this course.

You can try the toboggan run in weekends and holiday. Dagali Fjellpark also accept bookings for groups of minimum 10 persons.

Since the speed can get so high there is an age limit of 12 years on sleds, 10 years if you come with an adult.

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Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visit Geilo AS

Sledding - Dagali Fjellpark


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