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Skaugum CUTLERY FACTORY - we make cutlery in Geilo Welcome to something unique, we are the only factory in Europe that still forge cutlery. Our production is a combination of industry and craft. We were established in 1943 and we are now the third generation of the Solhoug family are owners and managers. We are committed to value creation in Norway and the development of new products. For the latest development, cutlery with wooden handles that are dishwasher safe, we are we alone in the world. Welcome to Skaugum, for a bargain with factory outlet prices. We also invite you into the factory to give you a sense of how our production is done. The address is Furusetv.5 and we are open every day between 07.30 and 15.00

Last updated: 02/03/2022

Source: Visit Geilo AS


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