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Hovet Church

Hovet church was consecrated 18th of October 1910 and it is a white wooden church. The church porch was enlarged in 1994. To the right of the main entrance is the stretcher house located. To the 50th anniversary in 1960 the church was painted on the inside and got a new altarpiece painted by artist A.R. Andersen after an idea of Arneberg, the architect. The motif is the last supper. Above it we see Jesus Christ surrounded by flames, the symbol of the Holy ghost. On the sides there are the symbols of the four evangelists: Mathew, the human being, Mark, the Lion, Lucas, the ox, and John, the eagle. At the top of the wall, we can see a hand in the ring, where three fingers are pointing downwards. There is an empty cross on the altar, in front of it a lamb with a banner of victory and above the chapel opening a pelican. There are symbols on the pulpit as well. There are about 570 inhabitants in the parish, and the church seats about 200 persons. The church is located by Rv. 50, about 8 kmfrom the Hol old Church.

Quelle: Visit Geilo AS


Hovet Church

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