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Hol Cheese Factory / Prestholt Goat Cheese

Prestholt Geitost is located at Prestholt 1242 msl, one of the mountain farms in Norway with the highest latitude. Prestholt Geitost makes traditional, Norwegian brown cheese on their mountain farm by Hallingskarvet National Park.

Prestholt Geitost and Hol Ysteri (Cheese factory) is a family business run by the 3rd and 4th generation cheese makers. Prestholt Geitost began their independent production in 1980, and from 1990 they started producing the brown goat cheese at the mountain farm Prestholt. Today they have built and expanded their production to be at their farm at Rudningen in Hol, and in the old grocery store in Hol they have made a cheese factory and a local food store. They produce and sell kid meat (goat), goat cheese caramels and chocolate.

You can also find them at the Farmers Market in Oslo, Drammen and Kongsberg.

Quelle: Visit Geilo AS


Hol Cheese Factory / Prestholt Goat Cheese

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