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Guided hike to Flørli 4444 steps

  • Husabergbakken 29B, Stavanger
  • +4799709096
  • 3. Juli 2017 - 17. September 2017
  •  /  0:00 to 23:59
  • (58 Upcoming Dates)

Guided hike to Flørli and the Flørli stairway Join us to Flørli, and walk one of the world`s longest wooden stairs! The trip starts from the idyllic village Flørli, and the old power plant here. In front of us, we got 4444 stairs to walk, which takes uf 740 metres up to the top. This trip is relative steep, and follows the stairs to the top. We will stop several places on our way up, and enjoy the view. When we arrive the top, we will have time to get our breath back and enjoy  the view of Lysefjorden and the mountains around us. On our way back, we will follow the marked track through the forest to the little village without road access. When we're back, we will spend time looking around in the village, go to the museum in the old power plant og go to the local cafe.  

We also offers this trip as an easy option, which will take us up 700 of the stairs, and then back to the village.

Who is this trip intended for? This trip fits persons which is in good physical condition, and might have been walking in the mountain before. The trip is about 5 kilometres and 740 metres. We will spend about 3-4 hours hiking up the stairs and down.  

What to bring at this trip? Participants need to bring clothes suitable for the mountain, such as warm clothes, wind- and waterproof. Participant also need to wear suitable footwear like hiking boots. You also need to bring your own packed lunch and beverage. This has to be in a suitable backpack and have to be carried by yourself.   

What does this trip include? This trip includes guide, transportation from accommodation and back, and some snacks during the trip. The guide is well known in the area and have necessary safety- and first aid equipment.

 Time schedule We pick you up at agreed time and place, according to your order, and brings you back same place when we are back. The time schedule looks like this:   Picking up guests: -Scandic Forum kl. 07:15 -Clarion Hotel Energy: 07:20 -Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel: 07:30 -Stavanger Turistinformasjon: 07:35 -Skagen Brygge Hotell: 07:40 We will also pick guest other places on request. Just send us a message.

When every guest are picked up, we have about an hour drive by car to the boat terminal i Lauvvik, and take the tourist boat to Flørli. The boat trip is in itself a great experience with view of the Lysefjorden and Pulpit rock from sea level. The boat trip is about 90 minutes, and takes us to Flørli power plant, which is our starting point for the Flørli stairs. We will spend around 4 hours from the power plant, up the Flørli stairway and back. On top of the stairs we will spend time to enjoy the view, the beatiful nature and take pictures. We will also enjoy our packed lunch, hot beverage and snacks. After lunch break, we will start hiking down the 100 year old track which the "Rallar" used when they builded the dam ved Ternevatnet. Well down at Flørli, vi will spend the rest of the time to look around in the village, visit the museum in the power pland og visit the cafe, while we are waiting for the next boat back to Lauvvik and Stavanger.


If you have further question, do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Last Updated: 21.07.2017
  • Source: Region Stavanger
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Guided hike to Flørli 4444 steps
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